Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am Canadian. However, I cannot help comment on the "Big 3" automaker bailout. It does effect us Canadians as well.

So, if I understand correctly, if the US government gives any money to the "Big 3" automakers they will also set up an advisor board and a so called "Czar." So, let me get this straight. The US government wants to set up an oversight board to help guide and instruct the automakers how to make vehicles? The US government wants to set up some bureaucracy to help the automakers make better cars? Can they be serious? Setting up another level of bureaucracy - and a governmental one at that - will help the automakers become more efficient? Want to bet? The "Big 3" automakers need oversight? They need Mom and Dad watching over them to make sure they make good vehicles? Then they should not be in business. If they can't figure out how to make decent vehicles on their own - since that is their business - should the US government be holding their hand? And, really, is adding the government into the mix really going to help? Refer to the poster...


Bob Waters said...

No, you got it wrong. The Car Czar's job would be to show them how to run a company- something which, it seems, they and a goodly portion of those charged with such a duty in the Western world are unable to do, but have hitherto been insulated from having to do by astronomical profits.

Were they to go out of business, both our economy and yours (meaning the average American and Canadian) would pay a price out of all proportion to any ideological satisfaction one might get from seeing economic Darwinism at work.

Thus, a "Car Czar-" to make them do it right.

Mike Keith said...

I understand the ramifications if they go out of business.

I am still very doubtful that getting the government involved with a car czar will help the situation.