Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Indoctrinate U Documentary

Last week on Pastor Cwirla's Blog he posted something about a little documentary film called "Indoctrinate U" and by his description I was intrigued. I went to the website of the film (http://indoctrinate-u.com) and found I could download a copy of the film for 10 bucks (well, American bucks so a bit more for us Canadians). I did. I watched it. It is great. It clearly shows how "tolerance" and "liberal" etc., are typically only followed when it agrees with a certain agenda. I highly recommend the film - at least to make you think. The documentary only looks at American campuses - but it is the same here in Canada if not worse.
In Canada we have serious problems with the Human Rights Tribunals and Commissions. Much of what is said int his documentary would be applicable in our country with the Tribunals and Commissions - except in the US you might get thrown out of a College - in Canada you can be fined and found guilty according to the law!

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