Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Good Example of How the Church Should Go About Her Business

Pastor David Petersen, past speaker at the St. John Chrysostom Lutheran Preacher's Retreat, is hosting a free conference on January 18 discussing the Brief Statement of the LCMS. I am not entirely clear of the Brief Statement's place in LCC though I believe it would be considered part of our teaching as well. I have always had some questions and concerns regarding the document which Pastor Petersen outlines on his blog regarding the conference to be held:


I applaud Pastor Petersen and the organizers of this conference. This is the way the Church needs to go about her business. When we have questions regarding theology and practice we should not go about dealing with them by politically motivated power plays. We should sit down with each other and in a civil manner discuss and debate the issues. I wish I could be there!