Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Little Better

Saturday morning I went for a round trip of about 16 kms. Everything hurt a little less this time. I have been away at the District BOD meeting since Monday morning so I have not been out riding. I hope to get out for a ride bright and early tomorro wmorning because Thursday morning I am on the road driving to Winnipeg and I won't get back until late afternoon Friday.

The other thing I am noticing - once you get a bike it doesn't stop there. Of course I also bought a helmet and some gloves. But now I am looking to get some tools. Likely a multi-tool to start with. But then what about a stand? Wouldn't that be handy? And a bike GPS computer thingy? And before I came home from Regina today after the meeting I stopped at the local bike store I bought my bike from and we got talking about how after I ride for a while I may want to look at getting a different stem to change the "geometry" of the bike (how upright you sit when you ride). So many things to consider!

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