Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My New Bike

I bought a bike yesterday. I have not had a bike since I was 16. I am on a health kick of late. Eating much better, exercising, lost 25 pounds so far. I live in the Qu'Appelle Valley and there are lots of really great looking trails. I have considered buying a bike for the last 5 years or so and finally yesterday I did. This is my bike - a Norco Scrambler. It is certainly not top of the line like some of the 3000-7000 bikes out there but is basically a decent entry level mountain bike.
When I got home with my bike I suited up and went for a spin. As is often the case with me I almost always jump into something with both feet (as the saying goes). So I started out with the intention of riding between Fort Qu'Appelle and Lebret. It is about 8 kms to Lebret so a round trip of 16 kms. That didn't go so well. There are hills and wind to contend with. I got a little more than half way and turned around. Apparently according to Google maps a little more than 10 kms I did. I guess since I have not been on a bike for something like 18 years it was a bit much to expect. So I will have to be a bit more gradual in my riding. The strange thing is that my legs are not sore today but my "behind" sure is! I am told that after a few rides my "behind" will get used to it. I do hope so. And soon.

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