Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The ELCA 2009 Convention

I am presently watching/listening to the ELCA convention and at this time they are discussing the document "Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust." The ELCA is presently discussing a statement that would accept same sex marriage and blessings in the ELCA thereof and later they will debate allowing the ordination of practicing homosexuals.

It is sad to see such a discussion taking place. However, I find it rather odd that while I have no idea what the convention will decide regarding these two matters, I am ambivilent. Why? Because I don't think it matters. The fact that the discussion is occuring and the decision is teetering one way or the other means the battle has essentially been lost.

From a number of conversations I have had with members of ELCA/ELCIC congregations - if the respective church bodies do in fact accept and bless same sex marriage and accept actively homosexual people into the Ministry they will seek to leave their church. However, many will not find a home in the LCMS/LCC. They fully endorse female ordination and most disagree with the practice of closed communion. I fear that these people will be left floundering on their own.

On a completely different topic: Wow! I love the electronic voting system they have - I hope we can get those at our conventions soon!


Pastor Eric said...

Those that leave the ELCA will more than likely find a home in the LCMC (Lutheran Church in Mission for Christ).

Pr. Alex Klages said...

Yes, the LCMC is the most likely home for those leaving the ELCA. In Canada, CALC stands to gain a few congregations, I'm sure.

Steve Martin said...

We will more than likely turn to LCMC and also retain our ELCA affiliation at the same time (while holding our noses).

We essentially have nothing to do with them right now, but if we leave altogether we will have to give up our property.

So what? I would in a heartbeat, but most in our congregation will not.

Mike Keith said...

I don't know much (or perhaps anything) about LCMC. Can someone explain? And Alex... CALC? Am I really that far out of the loop?

Steve said...

LCMC's website: