Friday, August 7, 2009

Touchstone Gold - AGAIN

I have been singing the praises of the journal TOUCHSTONE for years now. I began reading it when I worked nights at the seminary library. I have subscribed to it ever since I have been in the parish. It is simply excellent. Even though I do not get any "kick-backs" from Touchstone a few of my friends have also subscribed to it lately. If you do not regularly read Touchstone - you should start. Check it out at

I have not finished reading all the latest edition. However, there are two articles I have read that were so excellent that I have to mention them. One of them you can read online.

Leon J. Podles writes an article called "Unhappy Fault" and examines the rightful place of anger in the Christian's life. He notes that in contemporary Christianity anger is seen as a sin and something that is un-Christian. He calls this thinking into question in the article. You can read it here:

In another article that I found so excellent I have read it twice. This article has put into words some thoughts I have had bubbling around in my mind for a long time but couldn't quite get a handle on them. This article puts it together. The article is written by Ken Meyers and is called "Contours of Culture: Waiting for Epimenides." Meyers calls into question the contemporary Church's seeming desire to adapt the Church to the culture. He notes that this is quite contrary to what St. Paul is advocating in Titus. This is truly an excellent article and I wish many would be able to read it.
I might also note the Editorial at the beginning of the Journal is also excellent as it examines certain ways of thinking regarding abortion. You can read it here:
I am happy to pass on the this Touchstone gold... enjoy. I would love to hear your comments regarding any of those articles.


Murray Keith said...

I think you and Touchstone should get a room.

Mike Keith said...

I think you should get Touchstone. oh wait... you did - because I recommended it. :-)