Thursday, September 3, 2009

Must Hear Sermon in Response to the ELCA

Pastor Wil Weeden preached a sermon that is a must listen. Below is the link:


rudemann666 said...

Bro Mike:
Is the following link the one to the sermon preached here?

ALSO: Can you please provide the direct URL link to the audio of the sermon? Thanks! (I went looking and could not find it).

Mike Keith said...

No, that is not the link. The link is to Issues, etc and Todd did a sermon review. Were you not able to listen to it?

Go to:

and look at Monday August 24th for the sermon and they also provide the manuscript. You will also see a link to our Synod President's great interview with Todd that day.

rudemann666 said...

Yes, bro Mike I got it.
I subscribe to the Podcast version of Issues, etc, and just couldn't find it till you provided the info.
Listened and read the sermon. Thanks for the info...let us heed Bro W's preaching.