Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bonhoeffer's Life Together

Interesting how some things work out sometimes. The day before we left for five days vacation after Christmas I was looking through my books for a short quick read while away. I came upon Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Life Together. This was a book I read while in first year seminary in Dr. Dean Hempelmann's class - Introduction to the Pastoral Ministry. I don't know if it was because of the adjustment to life at the seminary or if I was over burdened with work or what it was - but I didn't "get" it at that time. I read the book but was not overly impressed. I read it over the Christmas break. It is a great book and speaks to our contemporary situation very well.

What is interesting is that I have recently been playing around with iTunes and seeing what it is all about. I went to iTunes U and looked around and found Concordia Seminary - St. Louis had begun a campus wide study of Life Together this past Fall and there are two convocations to download. How interesting! I am curious to see what the convocations are all about!

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