Friday, January 1, 2010

The Eighth Day of Christmas

Merry Christmas! I know many have moved on and think Christmas is over - but it is the eighth day of twelve.

A couple years ago I had the idea (stolen from someone else) that we should try and observe the twelve days of Christmas in our family. To aid us in doing this we would give a gift to our three kids each of the twelve days. In a sense - spreading out the present opening madness from one day to twelve. Sometimes the presents are not exciting toys (socks, soaps, etc) and sometimes they are exciting gifts like Lego and Cabbage Patch Dolls.

As is often the case with my ideas it means that my wife has to implement it. I didn't realize how much work it would be - but she does it. She finds a gift for each of the three kids for the twelve days of Christmas. Figures out which gifts to give on which day depending upon where we may be on that day. Also, to "equalize" the gifts so that one child does not receive a pair of socks and another an exciting race car. She does a lot of work in planning and shopping and I am thankful for it.

I enjoy waking up each of the twelve days and having the kids excited to open another gift. They probably don't get any more than they would normally - we just spread it out. They enjoy it and so do I.

And at the end of it all is the Epiphany of our Lord on January 6th. At our church I started a few years back the tradition of having a grand potluck supper where people bring a dish from their cultural background - a lot of German and Scandinavian dishes show up. I brought a haggis one year. This to represent that Jesus has come for all people of all nations as the Magi were the first non-Jews to worship the Lord. After the Potluck supper we have Epiphany Vespers. It is a wonderful evening.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the twelve days and look forward to celebrating the Epiphany!