Monday, August 25, 2008

The Dreaded Laptop Ship Away

Today I ship my laptop away to HP for repairs. I am not pleased. First, I am not pleased that I have to ship it away after just a year for repairs. The battery no longer charges and the AC input is wonky (to use the technical term). The repairs are part of an extended warranty deal HP introduced - I assume because these problems on this model were wide spread. It is amazing how dependent we become upon the computers and how strange it is to use another. Where are my files? I hope I have that file on this computer, etc. It will be a fun two weeks!

And to the Mac users out there - I don't want to hear it.


William Weedon said...

Don't let a Mac user pull the wool over your eyes on this one. My son's MacBook Pro has been shipped in for repairs as well - including once the loss of his hard drive. But isn't it amazing how HELPLESS one feels without the laptop to work on?

Mike Keith said...

I take sick pleasure in knowing that a Mac user also had to get repairs. Misery loves company.

Rudemann666 said...

shoulda bought a dell...with extended warranty. I had to send mine away-THEY picked up the tab for PUROLATOR EXPRESS there and back. They sent the truck on a Tuesday, they got it in Toronto area on Wednesday, I had it back in my hands on Thursday afternoon. That's why I am STICKING with my dell.
They had to replace the screen (went blank) and a bunch of keys.
HOWEVER-I FEEL your pain, Bro Mike. I know the is VERY frustrating. You did make a complete backup of your hard drive before you shipped it away...right? Right?
Talk to you Thursday...

Mike Keith said...

All backed up and ready to go.

Pr. Alex Klages said...


Did I tell you about the time my Toshiba laptop harddrive did a total crash? (At about the 4 year mark) Fortunately, all but a few important files had already migrated to our newer computer. The harddrive simply won't even spin anymore... so I have a newer harddrive in the lappy and as other stuff starts to go wrong, I'm in the market for a new one.