Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free Speech IS Under Attack....Seriously....It IS!

Free speech is under attack in Canada. The so called Human Rights Tribunals in Canada are an appalling travesty of justice. If you have not heard or been following the charges against Mark Steyn you ought to be - ESPECIALLY if you live in Canada. Just Google Maclean`s and Steyn and you will get all you need. You should also be following the charges against Ezra Levant who had the audacity to publish the cartoons that many Muslims found offensive. He to has been brought up on hate charges and is before the Human Rights Tribunals. Friends, for us Canadians this is a scary time and a pivotal time. While I think it appalling that the magazine Maclean`s was brought up on human rights charges for publishing an excerpt from Mark Steyn`s excellent book America Alone (soon to be a hate crime in Canada is the newly added subtitle to the paperback edition) I think it may be the best thing as it has and will continue to expose these Tribunals for the joke they are. I have some strong opinions on these tribunals - for reasons that in the future I may write about.

However, the above is mainly dealing with Canadian freedoms. But it will not stop there. In fact it has not. Everybody ought to be aware of what is happening in the UN. The attack against freedom of speech has gone global. It will not matter if you are in Canada, the USA, England, France, etc. There is a blatant attempt to stifle discussion regarding Sharia. There is a blatant attempt to stifle any conversation regarding Islam. This article from the recent Maclean`s presents a startling issue - http://www.macleans.ca/world/global/article.jsp?content=20080723_27859_27859

Read it. Seriously...read it. Tell me what you think. Be afraid....


Ritewinger said...


Here's a link to another long article on the HRC.

The Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant cases have brought the issue of the unaccountable, speak stifling, commissions to the fore front, luckily.

Mike Keith said...

Yes they have and I am glad for it. However, the Maclean's article which I linked shows that such the speech stifling may soon be a global issue.