Monday, August 4, 2008

VBS Madness!

Our Vacation Bible School begins tomorrow. We have 36 kids registered. Over 20 of those kids are between the ages of 4-6. We have never had that many kids for our VBS! In the past few years we have had 15-22. It is a blessing - and a challenge. As I began to panic slightly as I realized that we only had crafts and other supplies for 30 kids (and I rarely panic over anything!) - some of our wonderful volunteers came in this morning to get set up and organized and calmly assessed the situation and worked things out. We should be fine with our numbers. Thank God for such great volunteers! I will focus on my duties and they will focus on theirs - which makes it so much easier and enjoyable.
Today is a civic holiday in Saskatchewan - but for me it will be a day for VBS preparation! I am thankful I have this day to prepare mind you!
Keep us in your prayers!

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