Saturday, August 2, 2008

Windows Down!

Yesterday was the first day of August. It was 34 degrees here (that is really hot, at least for me). I have been busy this summer and it hit me yesterday that I have not really enjoyed the summer as a unique season.

I think this can happen to us in our climate controlled lives. I am blessed to have an air conditioned study at the church and our home is also air conditioned (which is truly a blessing since we face West and have a large bay window). Our vehicles are air conditioned. It can be possible to go for a few days and not really experience the weather as it comes.

So last evening on my way back from Indian Head where I had a wedding rehearsal I decided to go "old school." I stopped at the gas station and bought a bottle of Mountain Dew. I rolled down the windows and drove home. The air was heavy and humid and hot. I could smell the canola blooming in the fields as I drove along the highway. There was off in the distance a thunderstorm approaching complete with fork lightning - and only in the Prairies do we get that awe inspiring sight. As I then descended into the Qu'Appelle Valley I had the beautiful sight of Katepwa Lake and a couple boats with some late evening water skiers in tow. My view of Katepwa was at a slightly more elevated angle - but similar to that in this picture. Note the canola field spilling into the Valley on the other side of the lake.

It was a lovely drive home - and it had a somewhat nostalgic sense to it - back to a time when air conditioning was not as common and we always drove with the windows down and felt the air and smelled the crops as we drove on the highway.

I'm not giving up my A/C. But I will try and remember to enjoy the weather as it comes a bit more in the future. When I am driving home tonight after the wedding - I think I will do the same - but maybe this time with a Dr. Pepper!

Note: That's not me in the pic - but I was driving the same make of car.


nat said...

I love driving with the windows down sometimes means you have to crank up the music, and it just feels like summer!

Mike Keith said...

Yeah...except for the skunk that must have been in the area last night!