Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Smartphone Dilemma

I am a PDA guy. I have had a PDA since 2001. I have not used a regular book style daytimer since then. I ran Palm Desktop and now Outlook. I`m also a planner kind of guy. So, having a desktop calendar program that allows me to input appointments and to do lists and everything of the sort and then hit one button and have it sync with my device and then I can take it all with me - that`s what I need! My PDA gives me this. But I don`t love my PDA anymore. I am tired of carrying around my PDA and my cell phone. I want a Smartphone which, if I understand correctly, is the perfect merger of the two. So I went down to the local neighbourhood technology type place and talked to them about a Blacberry Pearl - my least expensive option. With a 3 year contract the Pearl will cost me 149.00. Then on top of my voice plan which I already have the least expensive Data plan is $15 per month. It has come down a lot when it was $40 a month not long ago! So I am intrigued. But I am not clear if the Blackberry Pearl offers me the same kind of PC Desktop calendar software that the PDA does. This is vital to me. So.....anyone out there in the blogoshpere have any experience with the Blackberry Pearl...

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