Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Reasonable Article on the Order of Canada

I was upset when Dr. Morgentaler, an abortionist, was awarded the Order of Canada. I subscribe to Maclean's magazine and I recently read an article that I think makes the most sense. Abolish the Order. Here is the article:

Read it and tell me what you think.


EGK said...

I respectfully disagree with the article. There is a place for honouring those who have contributed to peace and order and the quality of life in our country (all Kingdom of the Left Hand stuff, in our Lutheran theology). Larre's honour had nothing to do with his being a Catholic, but everything to do with his work to raise the quality of life for the downtrodden, for which he deserved the nation's honour. Morgentaler's honour, however, violates the very Charter of Rights under which it is given, since the Charter notes that we are a nation under the supremecy of God and the rule of law, and Morgentaler, as an atheist and a lawbreaker, fails to live up to the charter on both counts. His actions violate the laws of nature and nature's God, and bring disgrace to the nation, thereby dishonouring the Order.

My own letter of protest went to our Head of State, Her Majesty the Queen (to whom I swore allegiance ten years ago when I became a citizen), asking her to intervene, since her representative here, the Governor General, did not do her duty, which would be to decline to award the honour to this despicable man.

Mike Keith said...

Thanks for the comment!

While you and I may agree that Morgentaler's actions violate the Charter and that he is a lawbreaker - the selection committee do not nor do the people who judge and administer our laws (indeed in the same edition of Maclean's there was a lengthy article written that in Canada we have NO law regarding abortion). We agree that Morgentaler's reception of the Order of Canada dishonours the Order - but will the Queen and her representative see it that way? I will eb most curious to hear the response (if any) to your letter. I only wish I had thought to write to the Queen - I instead wrote to my local newspaper!

While there may be a place in our country to honour those who have contributed peace and order and the quality of life in our country - the issue seems to be who determines peace, order, and quality life? For many a pro-choice advocate Morgentaler has increased quality of life (as oxymoronic as that may be!).