Friday, July 4, 2008

Scottish Lutheran?

OK, so I am not really Scottish - I am Canadian. However, as we Canadians often do we identify ourselves by our ancestry before we identify ourselves as Canadian. It is, admittedly, an odd practice.

However, my grandparents parents came over from Scotland and there is the Scottish way about my family. It has become clear, since I have become a Lutheran and I married a beautiful woman of German descent, that I am not German nor Scandinavian! Sauerkraut is terrible and lutefisk is less than delicious.

So my background is Scottish but in truth I am Canadian and would find myself longing for Canada if I were to spend much time in Scotland I am sure. So, the blog will remain Scottish Lutheran - but I am proudly Canadian.

To my American friends - Happy Fourth of July! Who was it that won the war of 1812 again? :-)

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