Monday, July 28, 2008

On Good Taste in Wine

I do not drink much liquor. Truth is - I do not like beer at all and don't really appreciate much else. However, I have discovered Port wine. I quite enjoy a glass now and again. I have tried many different kinds - Tawny and Ruby. I have had some very cheap stuff and a little more expensive stuff as well. What I have found is the cheap stuff is dreadful and not worth drinking. The expensive stuff is - well expensive. However, I have found a great bottle of Port for a reasonable price. DelaForce Late Bottled Vintage or LBV (2001). At the Saskatchewan Liquor Board Store it runs about $26 a bottle (which means just about everywhere else in the world you will find it cheaper). It is my favourite and I enjoy it more than some more expensive bottles I have had.
I have an unopened bottle at home. I will enjoy a lovely glass this evening!

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