Saturday, July 5, 2008

Issues, etc and Choral Treasure

A number of years ago I was made aware of the radio program Issues, etc on KFUO AM out of St. Louis, MO. KFUO is the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod radio station that has been around for decades. Issues, etc. is streamed live on the web and is also available for on demand listening in MP3. I found that listening to Issues, etc helped me keep up with world events, church related events, and I also learned a lot from the broadcasts as they would often have some of the most important teachers of our day as guests. On the Tuesday of Holy Week this year the show was cancelled. There are many theories as to why it was cancelled and I won't go into them. But it was a very sad loss.

But Issues etc. is back! It began again June 30. It can be found at and it is as good as it ever was - and maybe better since it is independent now. Great to have it back!

Also, a few days ago I was looking to listen to some sacred music. I came across a great site that plays sacred music - - good stuff!


William Weedon said...

Thanks for the Chorale Treasure! I've linked to it on my blog and credited your blog.

Mike Keith said...

Thanks Wil!

revalkorn said...

Thanks for sharing! And welcome to the blogging world!

Mike Keith said...

Thanks revalkorn!