Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Blessed Beginning to My Day

It has been a practice of mine to pray Matins most mornings in the sanctuary of the church. Though, in all honesty, it has been a little spotty of late. However, this morning I have begun anew and I had "advertised" it in the bulletin and on our congregational email list and so on that I would have Matins Tuesday-Friday at 9:15 and this morning two members of the parish came to join me for Matins. What a blessing! I love Matins and it is fine praying it alone - but it was wonderful to have others join in with me. I am also blessed that on Wednesday evenings after our Bible study the group joins me in the sanctuary for Compline around 9:00 - the people have grown to love Compline both for its beauty and its simplicity.

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