Friday, October 31, 2008

TDP & Friday

It's Friday. My Treasury of Daily Prayer was shipped earlier this week from St. Louis (I believe that is from where it was shipped). I have now come to accept I will not receive my TDP this week. I have had to suffer through my American friends gloating and frothing at the mouth over their copies :-). I am jeaous. I want it. Now.

Truth is I have been using the electronic edition I was given for review for over a month each morning for Matins. There is a small group (1-2) that join me most mornings for Matins and I have been using the readings and the prayer for each day. I can't wait to get my copy so I can incorporate the daily reading from the Writing and the commemorations. What I am thinking is that once I get my copy and am able to show people it I will see about getting a bulk order. I also want to order 4-5 for the parish to have around for when people to join me for Matins they can follow along if they don't have their own.

Waiting anxiously for my TDP way up in Canada....

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