Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Has Me Thinking...

Where I live I rarely face such severe weather as we see in some other areas of the world. Of course, you might consider -30 degrees in the winter severe - and it is - it can and will kill you - but I have never had to face the prospect of having to evacuate to save my life. I began thinking - I wonder how I would react if I had to "run for my life?"
I think for me it would depend a great deal upon who else was running with me. If I could be certain that my wife and children were with me - all else would be inconsequential. The rest is stuff. This is not to say that the stuff is not important - like the roof over your head and the ability to make a living, etc. I can only imagine the fear that would be involved leaving your house and not being certain it would be there for you when you return (especially if one does not have insurance). However, it is at those times and those situations where we hopefully can help each other out. We rely upon each other.
I pray for the safety of those in the path of Gustav. I pray for those already tragically impacted by Gustav. I pray that people can pull together and help those most in need.

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