Friday, September 5, 2008

Very Important Article and a Personal Connection

Here is a very important article that every Canadian needs to read - and Americans will also find it helpful - if only in a preventive way...

So here is my personal connection to this story.

Whatcott is a man I have never met. However, when the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal found him guilty I read the record of their finding on the web. Listed as evidence against Mr. Whatcott were his quotation of some Scripture passages, the use of the term "sodomite" and some other ways in which he expressed his disagreement and dislike of the homosexual lifestyle. I wrote the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal requesting some help in understanding the finding and in particular why the Scripture passages and the term "sodomite" was found as hateful. I asked, with particular interest since I preach publicly each week, if the word "sodomite" was now an illegal word in Saskatchewan. I also asked if certain Scripture passages are now "off limits." I asked several other questions. I was not disagreeing with the Tribunal's findings nor defending Mr. Whatcott. I simply asked for some help in understanding the ramifications of the Tribunal's finding.

I was told that the Tribunal is a "quasi-judicial body" and if I wanted an opinion I needed to seek legal counsel. So basically - if I, a resident of Saskatchewan, want to have the finding of the Tribunal explained to me - I need to get a lawyer. Not satisfied with this I wrote back to the Tribunal asking to whom they were answerable. The answer was the provincial Minister of Justice. I then wrote him and was told the same thing - get a lawyer.

Is this the way it should be? A Tribunal can make decisions that may impact the lives of the residents of Saskatchewan and they are not answerable to anyone and need not explain their finding to anyone. If I preach on Romans 1 - is it a hate crime...I am not sure......I do not have the resources for a lawyer! What if I use the term sodomite - not that I do - but am I free to do so - who knows....

These Tribunals are dangerous. It is time for the Canadian people to recognize this. It is time to demand accountability.

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