Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The NFL Season Begins...

I am a NFL nut. I have always loved the NFL. My favourite show since I was in Grade 2 - Monday Night Football. What did I want to be when I grew up: NFL Running Back (just like Walter Payton - my favourite player of all time). The poster on my wall: Walter "Sweetness" Payton carrying the ball through the line. I am a NFL nut. The season begins tomorrow night. I can't wait.
OK - what about the CFL you ask? Well I love the CFL too and especially the Saskacthewan Roughriders. I have been a hardcore Riders fan all my life. I have the T-shirts. I had the player cards growing up (seems to me you got the cards from the Co-op milk delivery man - is that right? Or was it from the Saskatoon city police officers?). Yes, I love the CFL.
But truthfully, the NFL is better. I can't get enough of it. And for the last few seasons I have been playing fantasy football (which inexplicably is not available for the CFL to my knowledge). I love it. During the NFL season there is football on from about 11am till about 11pm every Sunday. What could be better? Then there is the Monday night game. And later in the season we have games on Thursdays now. Then the playoffs. Then the Superbowl - it can't be beat.
The strange thing is that with my great love for the NFL I don't have a strong favourite team. I grew up loving the Chicago Bears. Payton and Singeltary. I always cheered for the Bears. I still do - sort of. But I have also always cheered for the Seattle Seahawks (that loss in the Superbowl hurt - the referees were biased or something). So I have a couple teams I cheer for - but the truth is I just love watching the game.
So - tomorrow night it all begins again. I can't wait!

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