Monday, September 8, 2008

On Staycation

Today we begin our staycation. We are going away this coming weekend - but until then we are just hanging around the house and doing things in the area. It will be a nice break.

There are TWO Monday Night Football games tonight - this is a very good thing.


Rudemann666 said...

think about this:
If you like football, this is a GREAT time of year:

Thursday nights: CFL game(s)
Friday Night: CFL Game(s)
Saturday: College football (LOVE THIS STUFF)
Sunday: NFL
Monday: NFL

that leaves tues and wed.
What's a guy to do?

Mike Keith said...

I love football. Strangely however, I have never really watched College ball.

On Tuesday and Wednesday there are always baseball games....and soon the MLB playoffs which is some of the best viewing!

nat said...

According to the radio ads on GX94 "staycation" is not a word...I believe most of the stuff I hear on GX94.

Mike Keith said...


You listen to GX94? You have been Saskatchewanized. How is that for a word?